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TPP & China: How we Doomed Ourselves

As American foreign policy shifts towards isolationism and protectionism, I think it’s important to discuss some of the effects this policy will have. This isn’t an exhaustive list or even a complete analysis of the one topic I want to cover TPP and China. It’s meant to begin a conversation and to document my ideas and thoughts on the topic. Continue reading “TPP & China: How we Doomed Ourselves”



One trend I’m optimistic and pessimistic about, at the same time, is automation. This entails AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning (which has significantly improved artificial intelligence), and the improvements of optical and speech recognition software (also through machine learning). Advances over the last few years have begun to find practical applications and are slowly being introduced in several sectors. Continue reading “Automation”

Going to the Booths

Next week Americans will cast their votes, declare a President, and end the 2016 election. This election isn’t about who’s president though. That really doesn’t matter. It’s about policy, values, and unity as a country.

Continue reading “Going to the Booths”

Why We Need(ed) Donald Trump

Our political system, the circus show it has been this year, has shed light on an anomaly in society. Despite what some of us think, Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” isn’t the crack I’m referencing. While Trump and political division seem like a new phenomenon, over the last fifty years, American politics has seen a slow knife slip between the left and right. In 2011, that knife twisted, and the most liberal republican no longer overlapped the most conservative democrat. A confusing statement, but at that point and since, the common ground our representatives stood on disappeared. The disappearance of that common ground has brought us the deadlocked, lame duck political standoff that has left us all frustrated. Continue reading “Why We Need(ed) Donald Trump”

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