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Why We Need(ed) Donald Trump

Our political system, the circus show it has been this year, has shed light on an anomaly in society. Despite what some of us think, Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” isn’t the crack I’m referencing. While Trump and political division seem like a new phenomenon, over the last fifty years, American politics has seen a slow knife slip between the left and right. In 2011, that knife twisted, and the most liberal republican no longer overlapped the most conservative democrat. A confusing statement, but at that point and since, the common ground our representatives stood on disappeared. The disappearance of that common ground has brought us the deadlocked, lame duck political standoff that has left us all frustrated. Continue reading “Why We Need(ed) Donald Trump”


An Examination of Wanderlust

Three months ago I moved from Charlotte, North Carolina USA (I write the entire location for emphasis) to Hong Kong. As I started writing this piece, I contemplated if the duration was “Three long months” or “Three short months” ago, and reviewing my emotions and experiences, I would say both.

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Travel, travel, travel, and then some

I love to travel! All countries, foods, cultures, and trip types get me excited and itching to board a plane, train, or boat. Over the past few years I’ve had some incredible trips and I have a few more coming up, so I’ve decided to start documenting my destinations, experiences, and advice here.

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