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Hong Kong Itinerary

Okay, I’ve been MIA for approximately six months. As I was never really here, I doubt many of you missed me.

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An Examination of Wanderlust

Three months ago I moved from Charlotte, North Carolina USA (I write the entire location for emphasis) to Hong Kong. As I started writing this piece, I contemplated if the duration was “Three long months” or “Three short months” ago, and reviewing my emotions and experiences, I would say both.

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The Journey vs The Destination: Sunset Peak

The Great Outdoors has always called to me. It’s a place, a feeling, a time, a being in itself.

To some, it’s a constant pull, drawing us in. Pushing us to new peaks, down old ravines, and across plains and fields. This weekend hiking on Lantau Island was some of this and more. Time to think and feel the outdoors again was something sorely missed in a city so full of buildings and buses.

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