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Hanoi: The Old Quarter

Anyone that has traveled to Hanoi will tell you – visit the Old Quarter, walk the streets, eat the food, and experience Hanoi at its heart. This is the full submersion test. You’ll quickly learn where you stand on the Love-Hate scale and if Vietnam is for you.

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An Initial Review of Vietnam

This afternoon I returned to Hong Kong after five days traveling Hanoi and Halong Bay Vietnam. I can already say I miss it. The chaotic streets, incredible food, and vibrancy of the Old Quarter are simply unsurpassable. There’s something unique and special I connect with when walking past hundreds of motorbikes, on streets forged with character and history, and a society that has developed in its own way without the rules or regulation that envelopes Western culture.

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Touchdown in Hanoi

To be honest, when I was boarding my flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam, I was a little apprehensive. Planning Vietnam isn’t as easy as some other destinations, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, or even China. The visa process is opaque, there’s a lot of negative reviews for experiences and certain destinations, and some travel bloggers blatantly say they won’t return.

All of that being said, upon arrival in Vietnam, I knew I was going to love this place.

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