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If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia or specifically Cambodia then this is the post for you.


Cambodia is a fun and exciting country to visit and travel. There’s a few major themes and sites to see: Angkor Wat (and other temple ruins in the area), the genocide, the jungle, and the beaches. I’ll try to cover each of these, walk through the itinerary I followed, and provide some pro travel tips in the process. Continue reading “Cambodia”


Going to the Booths

Next week Americans will cast their votes, declare a President, and end the 2016 election. This election isn’t about who’s president though. That really doesn’t matter. It’s about policy, values, and unity as a country.

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Hong Kong Itinerary

Okay, I’ve been MIA for approximately six months. As I was never really here, I doubt many of you missed me.

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Onward and Forwards

I haven’t been writing as frequently as I ought to, but in a concerted effort to continue documenting my travels, I wanted to post something before going to Thailand this evening.

Tonight, at 5:30, I’ll be heading to Chiang Mai for my first time in Thailand. As with any trip, it’s difficult to describe the mix of emotions I have prior to departure. Here are a few of my thoughts –

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An Examination of Wanderlust

Three months ago I moved from Charlotte, North Carolina USA (I write the entire location for emphasis) to Hong Kong. As I started writing this piece, I contemplated if the duration was “Three long months” or “Three short months” ago, and reviewing my emotions and experiences, I would say both.

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Halong Bay, Vietnam

When planning Vietnam, I heard Halong Bay was a must-see. After all, it is a UNESCO World Heritage and New Seven Wonders of the World site. So I did my research (searching Google Images) to see if it was worthy of my time and in an instant I knew I needed to see to go.

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Touchdown in Hanoi

To be honest, when I was boarding my flight from Hong Kong to Vietnam, I was a little apprehensive. Planning Vietnam isn’t as easy as some other destinations, such as Hong Kong, Thailand, or even China. The visa process is opaque, there’s a lot of negative reviews for experiences and certain destinations, and some travel bloggers blatantly say they won’t return.

All of that being said, upon arrival in Vietnam, I knew I was going to love this place.

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