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TPP & China: How we Doomed Ourselves

As American foreign policy shifts towards isolationism and protectionism, I think it’s important to discuss some of the effects this policy will have. This isn’t an exhaustive list or even a complete analysis of the one topic I want to cover TPP and China. It’s meant to begin a conversation and to document my ideas and thoughts on the topic. Continue reading “TPP & China: How we Doomed Ourselves”



One trend I’m optimistic and pessimistic about, at the same time, is automation. This entails AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning (which has significantly improved artificial intelligence), and the improvements of optical and speech recognition software (also through machine learning). Advances over the last few years have begun to find practical applications and are slowly being introduced in several sectors. Continue reading “Automation”

The Benefits of Work-life Balance

In the last five to ten years, companies have begun rigorously implementing work-life balance initiatives. At least on paper. In the ever-connected work environment, it’s difficult to get away from the office when it’s always in your pocket. As such, work has slowly crept into nights and weekends. Work that used to require an office can now be performed on a beach in Cancun or a ski cabin in Colorado. Companies have provided workers with tools and technology to ensure they can perform their jobs anywhere and now expect them to. Continue reading “The Benefits of Work-life Balance”

The Evolution of Networking

Earlier today I was discussing networking, the function of meeting new people, with a few friends and stumbled upon an interesting evolution in importance.

Continue reading “The Evolution of Networking”

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